The easiest way to automate Nuix activity

Why use Rampiva? Rampiva gives you everything you need to unleash the full potential of your Nuix deployment.

Streamline your processing pipeline

Hit delivery targets and case deadlines while reducing errors and improving operational insights.

Your process, your way​

Workflows provide teams with granular control over each Nuix processing steps. From settings and filters to naming conventions and activity outside of Nuix – workflows put your best experts behind every single project.

Build unique capabilities

Different projects require different workflows – our Library features let SMEs build around that complexity while keeping the product easy to use for operational teams.

Information Governance

Targeted identification of sensitive items based on retention requirements tied to defined Workflows, executed on a consistent schedule, with immediate actionable reporting on findings.

Electronic Discovery

Maximize resource productivity while shifting staff time from high-risk, low-return processing activity to impactful client support and consulting activity.

Investigations and Forensics

High scale – high touch – controlled cost. Respond to urgent matters with best-in-class processing workflows, protected search criteria, without blowing budgets or deadlines.

Real-time operational metrics and case reporting

You’ve always wanted insight into Nuix operations – now you have it. Billing, throughput, uptime, consumption, errors, hit reports – by client all the way down to task.