EDiscovery Collector for Aconex

Whether you need to perform an EDiscovery of Forensic Investigation on data stored within the Aconex document management system, Collector for Aconex allows you to extract all of the relevant information stored on the Aconex platform in a forensically-sound manner.


  • Connect to any Aconex location including US & Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Gov
  • Collect from multiple Aconex projects at the same time
  • Collect Mail for the Inbox, Sent and Drafts folders
  • Collect latest versions and all previous versions of Registered Documents
  • Export as native files, EDRM v1.2 container, Nuix Logical Evidence file (NLI) or raw API XML files
  • Keep attachments with mail or separate from seamless handling of large attachments
  • Maintain attachments full family relationships
  • Save Aconex Mail properties as metadata, in the message body or as an HTML attachment
  • Save Aconex Documents properties and event log as metadata or as standalone HTML file
  • Robust handing of network connectivity issues and errors from the Aconex platform
  • Multi-threaded collection for increased performance
  • Ability to resume an interrupted collection
  • Produces detailed technical collection log
  • Collection Report produced when collection is completed, including collection parameters and errors encountered


  • Aconex account with full read permissions of the project that needs to be collected
  • Activation of the Collector application for the project (request to Aconex)

Licensing modes

  • Per volume collected (GB), with volume discounts