Understand Rampiva’s core features

Simplify data processing by feeding a queue of jobs that leverage custom libraries of expert Workflows and monitoring real-time operational metrics and Case Reports.

Manage a pipeline of processing activity

Customize the level of detail available to each user so non-Nuix users can plan, create, start and monitor processing jobs and technical experts have all of the details they need at their fingertips.

Resource Management

Leverage Nuix’s distributed processing capabilities without creating new manual activities.

Rampiva “Auto-Publish”

Create a more stable and scalable publishing workflow between Nuix and Relativity through Rampiva.

Global Custodian Deduplication

Compute and overlay “All Custodian” fields for cases with millions of items in minutes instead of days.

Libraries of Nuix Workflows

Organize your favorite Nuix Workflows using the Library features in Scheduler. Whether it’s by client, by use case, or by permissions – this features reinforces scalability without losing usability.

Filtering at Load Time​

Evaluate items for uniqueness and culling conditions at load time to greatly improve processing times and case size.

API Access

Integrate with Rampiva and drive the submission of new jobs directly from your ticketing system or from other enterprise applications using the Rampiva API.

Dynamic Digest Lists

Empower cross-case analysis with digest lists that can be combined, subtracted, or intersected.

Identity Management

Control access to your Cases and Libraries with the Security Policies feature in Scheduler. This enhancement on Nuix’s access and identity management protocols eliminates “session juggling”, limits the risk of advanced workflows being used by unqualified teams, and protects client IP.

Find Items w/ Words

Improve OCR quality control by flagging items without required text contents.

Custodian Identification

Extract custodian information from Outlook PST files automatically based on the sender information.

Find Implied Attachments

Take the Nuix Email Threading to the next level  by identifying unique copies of attachments from each email thread.

Nuix Automation

Build standardized process templates leveraging Nuix’s API to drive processing, search, filter, export, report and QC activity.


Use your favorite Nuix scripts in Ruby, Python and JavaScript, or run your own PowerShell scripts to control the job execution and interract with other systems.


Design your workflows and have your technicians monitor the jobs queue in their local language.


Inform users when jobs start, finish or encounter errors by sending customizable emails or integrating with you IM platform.