Managing the Recovery: 2021 CEO Letter

As we get the first few months of 2021 under our belt, I see the stimulus and recovery spend effecting demand from teams that are transitioning back to a growth cadence. While trying to stay agile to capture these new opportunities, everyone is dealing with a workforce affected by the crisis at a deep, personal level. 

In 2021, we will be focusing on managing the recovery while staying empathetic and allowing space and time for one another.  

You can expect to see this reflected in our development priorities: making it easier for people to do the actual work of processing and analyzing data, even while tired, distracted, or burnt out. Having been in those trenches myself, I know this is important.  

We are also working on making it easier to support Rampiva as a system. In fact, many of the features in Rampiva 5 drive this theme, from improvements in the Workflow Design Wizard, to the Data Upload and the Rampiva Licensing Server. 

Finally, you will see this reflected in our commitment to client success. We are making more resources available to the industry to build expertise in the Rampiva platform as a force for change. A member of our team, Nichole Anderson, said something that resonated with me; the thing she was most proud of in 2020 is that we have been there and delivered for our clients. Everyone has much more on their plates right now and being a reliability pillar is more important than ever. 

My job in 2021 is to make sure our teams have the clarity, the intent, and the resources to deliver for our clients and communities. 

Daniel Boteanu, Founder

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