Professional Services

EDiscovery Collection and Processing

Collection and processing of data for eDiscovery matters, including email, local computer files, server files and cloud storage. Development of custom solutions for extraction of data from Document Management Systems and Databases with proprietary formats. Exporting of data in most common legal production formats.

Forensic Technology Investigation

Investigations of computer hacking and fraud by employing forensically-sound imaging of computers and devices, carving and recovery of deleted files, event timeline analysis, Internet browsing analysis and document tampering analysis. Our members have worked on criminal and corporate cases and have been recognized as expert witness in court.

Custom Development

Development of custom Forensic Technology and eDiscovery software, such as, collectors from custom platforms such as proprietary web applications and internal portals, processing and exporting of databases, development of add-ons and scripts for existing tools such as Encase, Nuix or Relativity.


Workshop-based training for eDiscovery processing software and Forensic Technology tools including Nuix, Encase and SIFT workstation.

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