Workflow for Nuix

Rampiva Workflow for Nuix is designed for reproducible and defensible data processing. You can define a custom workflow for each type of case that your lab processes using typical operations that you would use in Nuix Workstation such as add evidence, deduplicate and produce legal export. Rampiva Workflow tool also supports advanced operations such as finding emails sent between only certain individuals, deduplicating by custom fields and pinpointing all custodians and locations that contain copies of duplicate documents.

With Rampiva Workflow , you can configure email notifications when the data finished loading, exporting or at any step in the workflow so you don’t have to constantly log back in to the Nuix server to inspect the processing status. Rampiva Workflow has built-in support for advanced reports including the number and size of items at each processing stage, a breakdown of items by date, a listing irregular categories and many other views.

Using Rampiva Workflow, you can automate and standardize your processing workflow and optimize server utilization.



  • Run the same workflow for every batch of data that needs to be processed in the case
  • Capture and re-use results from previous operations in the workflow, for example, to only export items that were loaded in the current batch
  • Read ingestion, export and OCR settings from native Nuix Workstation profiles
  • Add evidence from a predefined folder or from a source specified at run-time
  • Date-filter at ingestion-time for faster load times and smaller case footprint
  • Dynamic mime-type and item-name filter at ingestion-time
  • Exclusion of items by user-defined category list
  • Add items to existing item-sets and create new item-sets with a deduplication strategy by family or by item
  • Custom deduplication methods, by Message-ID and by Mapi-Search-Key for handling of nonuniform address formats and email stubs
  • Advanced email filtering using predefined “internal-only”, “between two individuals” and “between members of a group” scenarios or using custom scenarios
  • OCR with custom language, preprocessing, optimisation, cache and timeout settings
  • Add items to existing or new production set with automatic continued numbering or predefined numbering
  • Generate “All Custodians” field indicating which custodians hold duplicate copies of produced documents as well other “All” and “Alternate” fields
  • Perform legal exports using custom metadata profile and file types
  • Advanced reporting using our predefined template or based on with user-defined processing stages and views with support for custom look-and-feel
  • Interactive and email notification with support for attaching processing report and workflow log
  • Execution of custom ECMA, python and ruby scripts



  • Nuix Workstation deployment and valid license