Zantaz EAS and Rampiva Announce Partnership to Automate Data Requests

Today, Zantaz EAS, a global leader in enterprise information archiving and management, and Rampiva, a process digitization and automation solution provider, announced their partnership. The two companies teamed up to develop an integration that automates the process of collecting data from archival platforms. This will eliminate the need to manually align truncated email and stub attachments with full versions before processing and loading into review platforms—saving clients time and effort. Automation of this process will accelerate eDiscovery response times by days or weeks.

Zantaz EAS is extremely excited about partnering with Rampiva and the integration we have developed.  This is a game changer for the eDiscovery process at top global law firms and enterprises.  We believe this will significantly reduce the time, complexity, and resources previously involved in early case assessment.

Will White, President and CXO, Zantaz EAS

Before this announcement, clients would have to manually export data from EAS (or other archive systems) and match the extraction with existing stub items previously processed using spreadsheets and batch files, which added time, complexity and risk for errors to eDiscovery cases. This new integration automates the rehydration of emails and attachments, the identification of responsive items, and generates an export set ready for processing and review. Now clients can focus on what’s important—finding the relevant evidence quickly and efficiently.

Rampiva’s partnership with Zantaz EAS allows our clients to take out both the time and the complexities from extracting data from archival platforms and aligning that with data from other systems. This means teams can leverage Zantaz EAS to produce complete and consistent data.

Daniel Boteanu, CEO, Rampiva Global LLC

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About Zantaz EAS

Zantaz EAS is a leading provider of solutions to archive, preserve, govern, manage, search, and supervise data assets. We offer a comprehensive, unified data stack that allows our customers to protect their data while maximizing its value. Our solutions are trusted by global enterprises operating in highly litigious and regulated industries. With over 15 years of experience, Zantaz EAS is the premier choice for organizations looking to secure their data, comply with industry regulations, and maximize its value.

About Rampiva Global LLC. 

Rampiva is a global software company developing automation, reporting, and business process management software for data processing and review platforms. Through intuitive and powerful products, Rampiva reduces barriers and provides legal teams the insights they require to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.  

Rampiva’s legal solutions are a force multiplier and accelerator for eDiscovery and forensics teams around the world, including government regulatory agencies, top advisory and AmLaw 100 firms, and prominent legal service and digital forensics vendors. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

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