Forensic Technology and EDiscovery

Software Products

EDiscovery Collector for Aconex

Forensically sound collection of emails and documents from the Aconex document management system. Exports can be performed in native format for long-term archival or in industry-standard EDRM v1.2 format for use with eDiscovery processing and review software, ensuring all metadata and project structure is maintained. Robust collection with cryptographic hash fingerprints, error detection and reporting.

Forensic Collector for WhatsApp

Forensically sound collection of chat messages, attached audio recordings, documents, photos, videos, profile and status data, contacts and settings. Data can be saved in various formats including native HTML, CSV or forensic containers.

Orchestrator for Nuix

Define and execute processing workflows including ingestion, tagging, deduplication, date range filtering and export of data. Ensures consistency of processing between analysts, reproducibility of results and cuts on unused machine time by scheduling processing for multiple cases.