Unleash your forensic and discovery experts – let us run that OCR job while your team focuses on client consulting, managing projects, and solving complex data problems.

There aren’t enough people to support the demand created by the compounding forces of increasing volumes, heightened regulatory scrutiny, and evolving security obligations. Rampiva Automate lets your experts design a library of advanced workflows that can be run by general users – saving time, improving outcome, and freeing your team to focus on project management, consulting, and educating stakeholders. Built directly against the Nuix engine, Rampiva workflows can execute all Nuix functions – plus some secret sauce around deduplication, customizing reports, loading to review, and more.

Wow users with Workflow Wizard

A guided process for creating custom Workflows

Whisk through your next job with our magical Workflow Wizard. Let it connect the dots behind the curtains based on simple instructions from your team. Apply all the rigor, performance and nuance of Nuix data processing faster than you can say Abracadabra.

Makes every user an Expert

Capture sophisticated strategies while eliminating user error

Put your best experts at the wheel of every single project by having them design Rampiva workflows that control each Nuix processing step. Drive advanced processing strategies, accelerate deduplication, customize reporting and simply the interaction with non-Nuix systems by building these steps into your Workflows.

Hyperconnectivity drives performance and insights

Make your data work for you – in Nuix and beyond

Move beyond your favorite Nuix scripts in Ruby, Python and JavaScript with PowerShell scripts to control the job execution and interact with other systems. Kickstart and customize projects based on activity in event and matter management systems using Rampiva’s open API. Use webhooks to let other systems listen for completed Rampiva jobs to trigger downstream activity – from Office Apps to password crackers and more!

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