Data Subject Access Requests

Managing DSARs With Automation

Quick and easy

DSARs are high-risk and high-volume – but low-reward. It’s critical for data processing teams to be involved in satisfying data subject access requests, but a manual approach can delay priority discovery and investigations projects.

Fit DSARs into your processing pipeline

Gartner estimates that “by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have it’s personal information covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% today.” Get more out of existing solutions by using Rampiva Automate to automate the data intake and request fulfillment process – empowering business users to manage the submission while keeping legal and data risk teams in the loop.

Solve new problems with data processing teams

Satisfy DSARS with a reliable, repeatable and cost-effective process

The asymmetry of DSARS – high frequency, low volume, high risk – can make them difficult to resource in a cost-effective manner. With Rampiva Automate, your data process experts can provide business users with a self-service DSAR Workflow. This means requests can be submitted 24/7 and use existing data processing solutions, all while being tracked in the same centralize Administrative Dashboards and without disrupting active eDiscovery or Investigation projects.

Keep your data experts focused on big projects

Given the volume and frequency of data subject access requests, many data processing teams do not have the resources to onboard each request with a consultative planning meeting. However, by making the process “self-service,” your business users can manage their obligations without requiring the help of the data processing team to stage the data or start the process. The experts are available to help with unique situations – but, can focus most of their attention on the bigger projects.  

Increase productivity – not costs

Law departments and their service partners are under pressure to control budgets and spend, which makes the increasing number of DSARs a frustrating and disruptive trend. Rampiva Automate helps teams address this problem by making them more productive without having to substantially increase their technology or staff resources. Addressing historical bottlenecks with self-service access to a 24/7 processing queue with real-time and comprehensive reporting changes the operational economics of supporting DSARS and makes them more routine and less burdensome.

Push the boundaries

Self Service Operations

Check out Rampiva Automate Premium Edition to learn more about advanced features that simplify self-service DSARs.

Control Costs and Burden

Learn about a client that substantially increased productivity by adopting Rampiva and what metrics matter most.

Track Activity

Keep everyone on the same page with comprehensive and real-time Dashboards that track all data processing activities.

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