Aconex Collector

Aconex Collector

Digital information deserves digital collections

Manually gathering files from an Aconex projects takes too long, destroys important metadata, and breaks the thread of communication. Rampiva’s custom-built connect delivers a digital collection with complete metadata and family relationships at 30 GB per hour.

Collect Aconex Data for Discovery or Investigations

Better and Faster than Manual Collection

Maintaining forensic rigor while collecting from Aconex is essential – the metadata and family relationships will make processing and review significantly easier and less costly.

Size and Plan your Collection

Measure the Unique Items in Aconex Project

Getting an accurate size of the environment with Rampiva’s free Sizing Report will help you plan budget, storage, and timetables.

Start Processing Collected Date

From Collection to Processing

Using Rampiva Automate – Premium’s Direct-to-Nuix Upload feature, collections can be immediately staged for processing and review.

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