Legal Hold

Legal Hold Notifications Should Do More

Go beyond the standard survey response by connecting custodians with Rampiva Automate – let them self-upload critical files, target collections, and even chat with the Legal Hold Administrator. By combining hold notifications with Collections and Processing in the Rampiva Automation, your team can respond faster, track activity from start-to-finish, and stay in front of discovery requirements. Easy, fast, defensible.

Integrate Legal Hold Notification into Collection and Processing Workflows

End-to-End Response

Stage, distribute, administer and report on Legal Hold Notifications from the same platform your team uses for issuing collection jobs and processing data for review. This unified platform makes it easier than ever to keep track of discovery obligations and activities. By linking hold notification metrics with processing details, teams have a clear and comprehensive view of productivity and participation.

Rampiva Chat

Quickly connect with Custodians for updates and resolution

Easy monitoring, reminder/escalation and interaction between administrator and custodians for questions. Leverage Rampiva Chat to allow custodians to interact with Legal Hold administrators using a live chat to get clarification on the scope and guidance on how to respond to surveys.

Custodian Self-Upload

Get essential files faster

Allow custodians to upload files directly to Rampiva as part of their responses to legal holds for automatic processing. This allows your custodians to share priority items with the review team immediately – which could influence discovery or settlement strategies. 

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