Legal Operations - meet data processing

Get comprehensive and interactive business intelligence in real-time with Rampiva Automate to accelerate billing, optimize operations, target training, and plan expansion. Good metrics are key to scaling administration to meet the productivity delivered by Rampiva Automation, and gives you the tools to advocate for budget, resources and authority.

The Big Picture – in Real Time

Business Intelligence for Nuix

Your complete Nuix activity at a glance. Understand exactly what’s happening in your environment, when it happened, how quickly and for which clients.

Legal Operations meets Nuix Processing

Show your impact

Dig into operational details to identify potential, fix issues, and showcase wins. Demonstrate accelerated throughput, highlight your 24-hour processing cycle, and emphasize the efficiency and productivity of your department.

Quickly find relevant items from earlier projects

Data re-use made easy

Reveal trends across cases – see the big picture on item age, duplication, and risk scoring by repository, client, and custodian. Quickly find potentially relevant items from earlier projects to help define discovery and case strategy.

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