Automatic data processing – 24/7

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but too many teams are leaving time on the table by processing data manually. This forces teams to juggle access to compute resources, waste effort coordinating when the next job can start, kicking off big jobs before leaving the office – even setting an alarm to start the next process. The inevitable end result is missed deadlines, mistakes, or burnout. Help your team do their best work by giving them a data processing queue that keeps working even after their shift has ended. Come for the productivity, stay for improved access controls, control over processing location, auto-retries, and case management.

Accelerate results with automatic resource assignment

Get more done, faster

The days of wondering when Nuix might be available next are over. Let Rampiva do the hard work of planning and managing compute resources and Nuix Workers. Start and monitor a prioritized queue of legal hold notifications, collection, processing, and case-management jobs. Leverage in-queue logic to restart failed jobs, retry stalled jobs, and more.

Make life easier on your techies

Get better results by simplifying the administration of Nuix servers

Supercharge throughput and productivity while protecting against resource misuse and idle time with Rampiva’s easy-to-use hardware settings. Optimize and control Nuix engines and resource pools within teams, across clients, and between regions. Oh – and we make it easy to find job logs, in case something goes sideways.

Focus users while protecting access

Empower more people through better access controls

Nuix cases contain really sensitive items, and most users only need to do a few things in the case anyways. By control access to your cases and libraries with the security policies feature in Scheduler, you do more for your clients and your team. This enhancement on Nuix’s access and identity management protocols eliminates “session juggling,” limits the risk of advanced workflows being used by unqualified teams, and protects client IP.

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