ECC Automation

ECC Automation

You need to respond faster to forensic collections

The compound demands from cybersecurity, internal investigations and legal is too much to handle with expert elbow grease. Let Rampiva Automate trigger just-in-time and customized collections when instructed by SOARs, legal hold platforms, or matter management systems. Promote that material directly for processing in the Nuix engine for accelerated response time and expanded coverage. By connecting collections with hold notifications and processing in Rampiva Automate, your team gains control, insight, and end-to-end reporting.

Unified Workstream for Collection and Processing

Getting data into Nuix has never been easier

A single workflow can execute collections of laptops and computers while also targeting files, loose files, and cloud-repositories to create a unified Nuix Case. Your users will thank you, and – by connecting to event or matter management systems through the Rampiva API – you can accelerate overall response time.

Automatically deploy Nuix agents to specific machines

Real-time response

Deploy Nuix agents just-in-time to maximize coverage and get information to your Investigators sooner. Customize the collection configurations to align with the unique requirements of each job. Target specific material with date and file-type filters.

Get collected data into Nuix

Direct to Processing

In active matters or urgent responses, minutes matter but hours matter more. Unfortunately, most teams aren’t staffed 24-hours a day, meaning an urgent collection might finish in the middle of the night but the data won’t be sent for processing until the following morning. Eliminate this gap with Rampiva’s direct-to-processing features that push images into the Rampiva processing queue immediately after the collection is complete.

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