Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations

Compounding demands are outpacing experts – we need a new way of working with data.

Battle-tested – over 15,000 project and 1 petabyte (PB) processed in 2021. Rampiva Automate gives your team the tools they need to go bigger, go faster, and deliver above and beyond.

Respond quicker, respond better

Getting access to the data is taking too long. It delays response time, bogs down experts in routine clicking, and limits how many events a team can support. Digital Investigators are more important than ever – and, harder to hire. Rampiva Automate helps these experts drive a standardized process across all investigations, accelerates response time, and lets Investigators focus on facts and patterns instead of job scheduling.

By combining data collection with automatic processing, custom reporting and direct notifications, Rampiva Automate can put a findings report in your Investigator's inbox so they hit their desk knowing where to start. Connect with your event management system or have HR queue jobs to really get the job done.

Impact of Automation

Accelerate Response Time

By responding faster to events, teams shorten the period their organization is vulnerable to the issue at hand, while also increasing the number of events each team-member can handle. This means more time for the complex work and less backlog.

Collect and Process More Data

With just-in-time agent deployment, auto-load for processing, and no downtime between jobs, Rampiva Automate dramatically increases the amount of data a team can review. Making anomalies easier to detect and insights more reliable.

Get the Big Picture

Compare facts and patterns across cases without having to spend the time and compute resources of opening, searching, and reporting from each individual Nuix case.

Automate Internal Investigations

Expert Workflows

Rampiva’s customizable Workflow Library makes it easy for experts to design and automate detailed collection, processing and reporting activity that can be triggered by non-technical users or through the Rampiva API.

Integrated Collection & Processing

Rampiva’s single interface tracks everything, from customized just-in-time collections to data processing and search operations and even advanced promote-to-review capabilities.

Real-time Alerting

Make sure urgent actions are taken right away by sharing hit-results and other findings with investigators and stakeholders the moment they’re available.

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