Insights Overview

Outside Coverage

Podcast 45 minutes
Explore a new way to buy Nuix that delivers scalability, lowers upfront costs, and optimizes with automation.

Article <20 minutes
Hear from George Jon experts detailing security challenges for a unique pool of ultra-sensitive information, eDiscovery projects. They make an important point about the role of automation in addressing some of these issues.

Video <1 min
A quick look at Cimplifi’s technology ecosystem using Rampiva for Nuix automation.

Article <5 min
Addressing the more practical and eDiscovery workflows-related improvements that are revolutionising the day-to-day tasks performed by technical specialists.

Case Studies

Case Study <10 minutes
Advanced tools and automation give this AmLaw10 team more growth opportunities – design, performance optimization, project consulting – and a sense of delivering real progress towards a vision.

Case Study <10 minutes
UNITAD names Rampiva in their report to the UN Security Council as having eliminated their processing backlog in 3 months, accelerate throughput by 350%, and reduced the time from collections to review from weeks to days.

Case Study <10 minutes
A Rampiva client describes the real impact of automation on their Nuix processing – including increased productivity, reduced errors, and 2000+ hours of recovered staff time.

Infographic <2 minutes
See real performance details from a large data processing department describing their productive capacity in the first 6 months after adopting Rampiva.

Infographic <2 minutes
Compare and Contrast the real productivity levels of a large data processing department when they ran a manual operation relative to their progress after adopting Rampiva.

Article <5 minutes
Get a look at how one eDiscovery service provider used Rampiva to set-up a self-service data processing environment for their clients.

Blog <5 minutes
Hear first hand from a Rampiva client on what the tool delivers and how to use it.

Infographic <2 minutes
Real performance gains from a client using Rampiva for 3 years, tracing the start of their Nuix adoption through the first installation of Rampiva and building product maturity.

White Papers

Listicle <5 minutes
10 Things to consider when planning to deploy Rampiva in your data processing environment.

White Paper <10 minutes
Get a big picture perspective on how Rampiva Automate delivers meaningful improvements in productivity, efficiency and speed-to-export. This is a great place to start your Rampiva journey!

White Paper <10 minutes
A detailed guide to the impact of Rampiva Automate on cloud-based Nuix environments. Understand how to optimize hardware uptime, leverage spot-markets, and take full advantage of remote workers.

White Paper <10 minutes
Five Reasons to Connect Your Review Platform to Rampiva Automate

White Paper <20 minutes
Get an inside look at one of Rampiva’s secret weapons – learn how to use Parameters to integrate, optimize, and scale your favorite Rampiva Workflows.

White Paper <8 minutes
Help non-technical users process data without sacrificing quality or control by providing a self-service module. Learn more by reading about how Rampiva supports these deployments for service providers, DSARs, and remote investigations teams.

White Paper <8 minutes
Check out a new approach to analyzing data across Nuix cases, from performance and productivity to intelligence about custodians, tags, and item date ranges.