Self Service eDiscovery

Self Service EDiscovery

Some clients want to be in the driver’s seat – let them!

Enable a dynamic service model that provides clients with 24/7 access to a branded portal delivering custom-built workflows, direct-to-Rampiva data uploads, and a private processing queue, notifications and reporting. Whether your clients are looking to drive all project, or maintain a hybrid partnership, Rampiva Automate delivers quality, control, and efficiency to you and your clients.

A new model for a new market

Demand for data processing is growing and changing – which means that clients want new ways to partner with their service providers. A self-service model puts them in charge of scheduling, project management, and cost – while relying on your team for consultations, critical projects, and ongoing innovation.

A Dynamic New Model

Branded portal to Workflows and Job Tracking

Clients can load data from local machines to your data center through Rampiva Automate, select the workflow to run when the upload is complete, and monitor progress in a Scheduler interface that aligns with your preferred branding guidelines. With our Dashboards, you’ll be able to track activity, volumes, and throughput for business reviews and billing.

Advanced Access Controls

Ensure confidentiality and protection with role-based access controls on everything from which Jobs a user can see to which workflow libraries they can use, which engines power their jobs, and more. Rampiva gives you the most control so you can safely deliver the most scale and customization.

Complete Process Customization

Delivering self-service eDiscovery across a pool of clients requires real insight, expertise and trust. It also requires technical controls that can capture the resulting requirements into an operating environment that is relatively simple to support, administer, and change. Rampiva Automate is designed with this in mind – providing complete control over order of operations, resource allocation, reporting, and access.

Shift into a Higher Gear

See it in Action

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Cimplifi with Rampiva

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Crack the Hood

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