About Us – Vision


Data is the most valuable thing that humans produce and everything in the physical world is empowered by data, from weather forecasts to medical advances, social interactions, and modern finances.

Daniel Boteanu, Founder

Our success as a society depends on our ability to manage data ethically, efficiently, and securely, for disciplines such as cybersecurity, information governance, compliance, and eDiscovery.

Data is rapidly growing both in volume and in type – it is an important part
of today’s social interactions and we are becoming more dependent on it as we move in a world where augmented/virtual reality and direct brain-to-computer interfaces are the norm. This growth is driving advances in technology, policy, and the legal field. To be able to harness the value of data, we need to be able to process it accurately, at scale, and in depth (understanding formats, relationships and meaning).

Right now, too much of the work that we do to acquire, prepare, and analyze data involves a lot of manual activity in expert systems. This means that technical problem-solvers are stuck doing routine activities, which leads to long working hours, burnouts, and mistakes.

It also means that a lot of questions that could be answered with data are not currently being answered – it’s either too costly or too hard to do so.

I founded Rampiva because, as an ethical hacker and a forensic investigator, I wanted people like me to do what they do best – be creative with data while relying on computers for reliability, speed, and auditing.

I believe in a future where both businesses and individuals will have access to commoditized data processing and analytics, which will become as banal as using an automated water faucet. Within the blink of an eye, a lawyer will be able to access the most robust case strategies before a trial, a forensic accountant will be presented with the fraud schemes detected by the system in an investigation, and an individual will be shown what actions are the most impactful to the well-being of their family and their community.

My vision is one that will allow every person to harness the value of the data with access to real-time meaningful insights. Rampiva is here to support this vision, by providing new approaches and solutions to managing data.