About Us – Values


Our work touches on increasingly important issues – from helping detect and respond to fraud and malfeasance to protecting consumer data and making participation in legal matters more efficient.

Rampiva’s team and leaders are encouraged to bring their full perspective to these issues.

Yes, their professional expertise, but also their opinions and insights as consumers, citizens, and, most importantly, people. This is a big ask, so we commit to guiding principles that make it easier.


We strive to deliver solutions that empower our clients to be disruptive and achieve outstanding results. Although we are always there to offer support, we want to provide people with the tools and knowledge that they need be independent and successful.


We are truthful, honest and act ethically in all areas of our work. When we make mistakes, we admit and correct them. When faced with difficult decisions, we do the right thing, prioritizing purpose over profit. This requires that Rampiva reflect the global diversity of our industry.


We work hard and employ brilliant people to provide top quality products and accompanying services. We are thorough, diligent and solution orientated. We hold ourselves to high standards.


We are passionate about using and building state-of-the-art technology. We love hard technical problems and aim to build solutions that act as a force multiplier.


We care about our clients and our employees at a human level. We listen, encourage, show empathy and help each other in difficult situations. We are committed to being active and positive contributors to our industry, profession, and neighborhoods.


We are creative and explorative in our thinking. We are innovators with a deep understanding of technology that allows us to deliver new and dynamic approaches.