Information Governance

Triage Information Risk

Monitor for violations of information governance policies

Applying governance policies to unstructured information can be challenging to do in cost-effective manner. The tools and teams that can do that work are busy handling urgent discover and security matters. With Rampiva Automate, teams can build targeted programs that leverage downtime to identify potential violations and escalate the results to SMEs within the business.

Stop waiting for the big event – get started with information governance today.

Actionable Information Governance

A new way to manage volumes and complexity

Automation allows data processing teams to take a new approach when handling very large and complex jobs. Every job is executed exactly the same way and the shoe-leather costs of setting up, running, monitoring, and confirming each job are eliminated. This allows for a new approach – breaking governance projects into datasets small enough that they won’t clog the processing pipeline without overburdening the system with too many projects. With Rampiva parameters, teams can allows for tactical variation in search criteria and escalation paths without changing the underlying workflow.

Cross-Case Analytics and Insights

Most information governance projects try to apply policies across extremely large environments. Rampiva Automate’s Dashboard function makes it easy for teams to compare results across all Cases – or, drill down into specific subsets to better understand the critical trends. Quickly report on the concentration of duplication, out of retention files, improperly secured material, or even items that contain indicators of private data. 

Immediate Call-to-Action

Governance programs have to close the loop – connecting results with business leaders who can authorize the appropriate action. With Rampiva Automate, meaningful results are immediately emailed to the appropriate business leader, along with a customized report and a link to the items for deeper review. If the leader accepts the recommended action to move, encrypt or delete the item, that action can then be pushed to Nuix Enterprise Collection Center. Rampiva delivers quick, reliable, and well-documented action taken to enforce information governance policies.

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Challenge Your Assumptions

Too many data processing teams are stuck managing limited resources – so they don’t have the time or capacity to take on new projects. With Rampiva Automate, you can break through those bottlenecks. Check out one client’s productivity in the first 6 months after onboarding Rampiva Automate.

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