Nuix in Azure or AWS

Nuix in the Cloud

Capture the flexibility and efficiency of cloud computer to power your Nuix processing environment.

Rampiva Automate reduces the administrative burden of operating a cloud-based processing environment while helping users realize the primary benefits – massive scalability in the face of surging demand.

Limitless capacity in real-time

Using Rampiva Automate to power a Nuix-in-Azure or -AWS environment unleashes near-limitless processing capacity while control the risks and administrative burden. Surge compute resources to meet immediate processing requirements without creating long-term obligations that drag down profitability when unused.

Hyperscalable Processing

Rightsizing Cloud Infrastructure

Azure or AWS hardware resources are highly customizable, allowing users to design exactly the right machine for their project. This is a big value-add for data processing teams, because projects, timelines and budgets are all variable. Aligning the right hardware resources with a project can save time – and, in Azure or AWS, money.  Rampiva Automate’s Resource Pool functionality makes it simple for users to administer this activity. Administrators can define a portfolio of machines with various resource specifications and save them for use later. Sophisticated teams can go one step further and design resource pools that are only accessible by certain analysts – or individual clients. Make it easy for your team to select the right resources for the job.

Spin-Up and Spin-Down VMs

The most resource-intensive steps of processing data in Nuix are the four operations that transform the data – loading data, OCRing files, imaging pages, and exporting data. These are also the most expensive steps when running Nuix in an Azure or AWS instance, because good performance requires well-resourced machines. Rampiva Automate helps manage this pressure by powering up VMs when a job is schedule and then automatically spins down that machine when the job is completed.

Leverage Remote Workers

The on-demand VM hosting the Nuix Case and managing the overall date-load process can be a relatively light-weight machine. This helps manage the interrupts in Spot VMs and stops high-cost processing resources during the Nuix operations that do not require significant machine resources (such as search and tag, filtering, reporting, item set creation, and more.)

Getting Started

Big Picture

Operating in the cloud is meaningfully different than an on-premise environment. Learn the critical lessons from three successful deployments to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for your department. 

Understand Your Options

Processing data in Azure or AWS can be a great way to augment an on-premise data processing environment, or operate as a cloud-first environment. Check out our presentation at the DIC Conference as we explore these options.

Take the First Step

Learn more about how Rampiva Automate can help you take advantage of cloud computing to power your Nuix processing.

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