Rampiva for eDiscovery

EDiscovery Operations

Your secret to exceptional eDiscovery

Modernize your data processing by partnering with the premier automation and administration platform in the market.

Drive productivity and profitability

Growing data volumes, new regulatory pressures and a tightening labor market are making hard for eDiscovery teams to meet deadlines without risking mistakes and burnout. With Rampiva Automate, teams are able to standardize on expert workflows, maintain a 24-hour processing queue, improve access and resources controls, all while gaining comprehensive and real-time insights into departmental operations.

Clients report 2-3X increases in productivity, 40% improvements in Nuix efficiency, and significant reduction in “time-to-review.”

Get ahead with automation

Focus your team on critical work

Manual data processing is high-risk and low-reward. Let Rampiva take care of the routine activity so that your team can focus on solving hard problems, advising case and discovery strategies, and building trust with clients and stakeholders.

Increase output

Handle more cases and more data without having to grow your team, invest in new compute resources, or risk mistakes. Increased output means budget goes farther, deadlines are met and everyone makes it home for dinner.

Show improvement

eDiscovery is a service business, and you have to be able to tell your stakeholders what’s happening right now, what has already happened, and what’s probably going to happen. Our Dashboards give you the insight you need to advise executive leadership, guide clients and cases, optimize performance, and detect patterns across cases.

Data Processing made Easy

What is Rampiva Automate

A 24-hour job queue, example Workflows, and great BI dashboards.

Build the Business Case

See how one client measured the impact of Rampiva Automate by comparing new output to their old manual activity.

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