Rampiva for eDiscovery

For eDiscovery Processing Teams

Your Secret to Exceptional eDiscovery

Simplify processing, reduce errors, and accelerate speed to review with Rampiva Automate for eDiscovery – so you and your team can spend more time advising Case Strategy and less time checking the progress bar.

Rampiva Automate Nuix Workflow
“Data processing is a critical stage of the eDiscovery process – if you do it right, this team can control costs, inform case strategy, and nail deadlines. Rampiva Automate makes it easy to do right.”

Ryan Best
Head of Client Success

Rampiva Automate

Meet Production Deadlines

Make Nuix Easy to Use

The Job Scheduler does two things.

Non-technical team members can easily execute complex Nuix jobs.

And the next job starts as soon as the last one finishes.

So everyone can go home at the end of the day.

Unbundle Expertise

Customize Workflow Libraries

Rampiva Automate comes with example Workflows built by experts in data processing and eDiscovery.

This ensures that you leverage advanced Nuix and Rampiva features to maximize the effectiveness of your tools.

But, its also easy to make your own.

Rampiva Workflow

Management through Metrics

Cross Case Analytics

eDiscovery is a service business, and you have to be able to tell your client what’s happening right now, what has already happened, and what’s probably going to happen.

Our Dashboards give you the insight you need to advise executive leadership, guide clients and cases, optimize performance, and detect patterns across cases.