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Use your best process every time. Build accuracy, predictability, and control into each job executed by each team member.

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There’s only more data and new reasons to process it. Set up for success with scalability, efficiency and control.

Rampiva Workflow has added a new layer to our ability. We are able to process more data, quicker and with less human error than before. Our technicians can focus on more pressing client issues and leave the processing and reporting to Rampiva. No matter how complex the workflow, Rampiva can handle this with a single, or multiple workflows if necessary.

With Rampiva in place, technicians can perform their jobs exactly to our specifications without fear.

We can document our process and new team members are onboarded much quicker.

Associate Director
Discovery Services
Multinational company
[George Jon] recently worked closely with a client to implement Rampiva. This organization had 12 full-time (well-paid) people handling Processing on a consistent basis. After the implementation, they only needed four people to handle routine Processing. This allowed their people to focus on complex jobs and work on higher-level and usually billable tasks, which empowered the client to earn more revenue from existing staff. This initiative also impacted productivity. Whereas before the implementation, only 20% of cases were available for review within 24 hours, after the implementation nearly 80% of cases were ready for review within 24 hours.

George Jon
Adopting Rampiva has allows us to bridge the gap between Nuix and Relativity to offer a seamless end-to-end processing-to-review workflow. Rampiva contains an in-built queuing system, which gives users the ability to automatically queue up processing jobs and to have them run automatically when the required server resources become available. It offers this through an easy-to-use self-hosted web interface, which allows our team to easily and quickly setup new processing jobs, whilst seeing the status of other jobs in the queue.

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