Employee Spotlight: Abilaesh Kandiah

Senior Software Engineer

One of our favorite tasks at Rampiva is to chat with our team members and learn about their skills, their backgrounds, and their hobbies. We have such an incredibly talented and diverse group here, and we want to spotlight that expertise.

This month, we’d like to introduce you to a one of the members of our team behind the scenes at Rampiva, Abilaesh Kandiah. Abilaesh joined Rampiva at our very early stages and has been an important addition as we continue to grow.

Rampiva: What is your role at Rampiva?  

Abilaesh: I’m a Software Developer here at Rampiva. I help with the development and improvement of Workflow and Scheduler with a main focus on the Scheduler Web Interface.

Rampiva: How does your work impact Rampiva clients?

Abilaesh: Rampiva clients get to use my work first hand when they use Scheduler. The Web Interface for Scheduler is my main project here at Rampiva and that was something I had the joy of building from the ground up.

Abilaesh Kandiah

Rampiva: What did you do before Rampiva that has helped you most in your current role? How is your work at Rampiva different from your previous jobs?

Abilaesh: Before Rampiva, I was a student! Working independently and managing my own schedule were two skills that helped tremendously. It’s quite like working on school projects but with a much larger grasp and time frame.   

Rampiva: What do you enjoy most about your work at Rampiva?

Abilaesh: What I enjoy most is being able to own projects and having a say in the development. I like the whole design and building process, and I enjoy the fact that I get to do that here at Rampiva. But most of all, I enjoy seeing our clients and others use the tools we build. It’s gives me an extremely satisfying feeling of accomplishment. 

Rampiva: What has been your favorite project at Rampiva or is there a favorite project you are most proud of? 

Abilaesh: My all time favorite project here at Rampiva would have to be the Web Interface. It has grown into the largest project I’ve ever started and continued to work on. Other than that, the Legal Hold and Data Upload projects would come in second. They all had unique problems and a lot of learning opportunities. I’m really proud of how far all of these projects have come.

Rampiva: What makes Rampiva a great place to work? 

Abilaesh: The team and the creative freedom with projects. 

Rampiva: What do you do when you are not in the office working on Rampiva?

Abilaesh: When not in the office, my go-to is gaming and enjoying the outdoors.

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