Employee Spotlight: Bill Potter,

Vice President – Sales and Marketing

One of our favorite tasks at Rampiva is to chat with our team members and learn about their skills, their backgrounds, and their hobbies. We have such an incredibly talented and diverse group here, and we want to spotlight that expertise.

Rampiva: What is your role at Rampiva?

Bill: I try to have a conversation with the market about whether automating data processing can help their team do more in the face of growing data volumes, new regulatory scrutiny, and a limited talent pool.

Rampiva: How does your work impact Rampiva customers?

Bill: I try to help clients develop a vision – what are they trying to accomplish and how can automating data processing help with that? If I do my job right, then they have a clear path forward and can make a smart decision for themselves.

Rampiva:  What do you believe sets Rampiva apart in its ability to automate processing of data and provide data insights and business intelligence?

Bill: Focus – this is the only thing we do, and we’re really committed to doing it right. From our development strategy to our client success function to our benchmarking efforts, Rampiva does the hard work to ensure a great outcome. We have the freedom to connect across multiple platforms, but we’d rather be the right solution for the right clients than all things to all buyers.

Bill Potter

Rampiva: What did you do before Rampiva that has helped you most in your current role? How is your work at Rampiva different from your previous jobs?

Bill: I got my start as a Litigation Support Analyst – so, I know the pain of late-night productions. While working at The Cowen Group, I got to meet and hear from hundreds of the smartest people in the industry, and you better believe I listened to everything they said. Alot of what I’m doing today is working to realize those big ideas.

The real difference is that I’m on the field – I directly impact what products we offer, how we support them, and how we do business.

Rampiva: What do you most enjoy about your work at Rampiva?

Bill: I’m a big ol’ nerd, so I really love our Dashboard feature and the benchmarking program that we run. I really get to SEE the impact of all our hard work, and I know when somethings going sideways. That’s so important to delivering a great client experience. It also gives me alot of confidence as a sales leader, which translates to being able to be more creative in our messaging, deal structures, etc.

Rampiva: What are your hobbies outside of Rampiva?

Bill: I help run a mentorship program for my home town, connecting high school students and recent graduates with alumni out in the world. We try to give perspective and support to help them figure out how to succeed in college, how to fit into big cities, and what careers might be a good fit. It’s alot of fun, because I’ve met some really fascinating people who share my origin story, and I hear some unvarnished truth from the next generation.

Rampiva: What’s one thing people may not know about you?

Bill: There may or may not be a dozen or so Youtube videos from my time as an aspiring standup comedian. If you find them, no you didn’t.

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