Employee Spotlight: Emmanuel Cunningham, Software Developer

Next up in our Employee Spotlight is developer, Emmanuel (Manny) Cunningham. Manny is another long standing employee.

We recently had the chance to chat with Manny and learn more about his experience and his role here at Rampiva. Here’s a look at our conversation:

Rampiva: What is your role at Rampiva? 

Manny: I am a Software Developer. I assist with the creation and enhancement of Rampiva projects; my primary project is Scheduler. 

Rampiva: How does your work impact Rampiva customers? 

Manny: My work has an influence on Rampiva clients that utilize Scheduler or Workflow. My primary efforts at Rampiva have been Workflow Wizard and Collections in Scheduler, as well as the SQL operations in Workflow. 

Rampiva: What did you do before Rampiva that has helped you most in your current role? How is your work at Rampiva different from your previous jobs? 

Manny: Prior joining Rampiva, I was a student and worked for an industrial automation company as a software developer. Problem-solving abilities and the ability to work independently were beneficial. Rampiva allows me to participate in the design and development process rather than simply ordering me to “do this.” 

Rampiva: What do you like about your work at Rampiva? 

Manny: What I like best about working at Rampiva is the ability to be creative with the features I build, to be challenged by new features and bug fixes, and to learn something new every day. But, above all, I’m ecstatic when clients use the products we create. 

Rampiva: What has been your favorite project at Rampiva or a project you are most proud of? 

Manny: Collections is my favorite project at Rampiva. It is the largest feature I have worked on, and I am proud of what collections has evolved into. Aside from that, Workflow Wizard is a close second. Both projects were difficult in their own ways and helped me grow as a software developer. 

Rampiva: What brief advice do you have for others wanting to enter this profession? 

Manny: Rampiva is the team for you if you love learning, challenging yourself, and working with clever and committed individuals. 

Rampiva: What makes Rampiva a great place to work? 

Manny: The Rampiva team is fantastic, and everyone is so nice. Rampiva offers a variety of opportunities for software developers to advance their careers while also rewarding hard work. 

Rampiva: What do you do when you’re not at the office? 

Manny: When I’m not at work, I like to work on personal projects, go golfing, or play video games! 

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