Employee Spotlight: Jason Christian,

Senior Manager, Client Success 

Meet Jason Christian, Senior Manager of Client Success based out of San Jose, CA, who joined Rampiva in April of 2021. Learn about how his on-boarding experience has been going, what he’s enjoying about his work, and what his current goals and projects are.

Rampiva: You are the most recent addition to the team. Tell us about your background.  

Jason: My career journey in eDiscovery began back in 2004.  I have worked for corporate legal departments, litigation support vendors, as well as partners that provide the software across the eDiscovery, forensics and cybersecurity verticals.  I have typically been more focused on the eDiscovery side of the business for most of these organizations, but I also have a background in forensics, GDPR, Information Governance and the business/cyber threat analysis aspects of Cybersecurity.

Jason Christian

Rampiva: What made you choose Rampiva?  

Jason: I have always been a big proponent of Nuix’s platform, as well as being employed by Nuix as a Solution Consultant for 6 years.  I was extremely impressed how Rampiva brought the ease-of-use to Nuix technicians to simplify the utilization of the NUIX API and run the Nuix Workstation in a headless fashion.  Very few organizations who use Nuix, use it completely out of the box, with no customization or automation.  Rampiva has solved and simplified the ability to automate and customize without having to dedicate their entire Dev organization to build a solution. 

Rampiva: What are your main responsibilities, and what’s your day-to-day like at Rampiva? 

Jason: In a broad sense of the term, “Client Success”, my primary responsibilities are to ensure customer retention, customer satisfaction, client maturity, and to seek opportunities for growth.  Growth, not only for our customers, but to also recognize opportunities for the growth of Rampiva outside of traditional sales cycles.  My current day-to-day is centered around getting familiar and proficient with our product.  Along with getting to know our current customer base better.  I am a new face to our clients, and my end goal is to become a “trusted advisor’ just as Ryan and other Rampiva representatives have already.   

Rampiva: What’s the most challenging thing you do at Rampiva? 

Jason: Right now, gaining proficiency in the platform is my biggest challenge.  It’s funny—the day-to-day of Rampiva is really simple, but there’s room for a lot of variation and innovation between clients. For me to be successful in this role, and guide our customers through the lifecycle, I have to be the expert, and I have to get there quickly!  

Rampiva: Any big projects or goals that you are working on that you can share? 

Jason: Training is at the top of the list—live, online training courses; in-person training; a self-paced, online course; building a learning management system (LMS); certification; etc.… 

Rampiva: What advice would you give to those who are looking to join Rampiva as the next step in their careers?  

Jason: Do it!  If you have a passion for solving data problems, and enjoy working with smart and dedicated professionals, Rampiva is your Team!  This is a Team that is passionate and self-driven.  Hard to find at a lot of organizations. 

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