Employee Spotlight: Nichole Anderson, Client Success Manager

Our mission at Rampiva is to advance the way teams process and analyze data using Nuix.  Our team of skilled individuals help build scalable and insightful solutions that address the needs of eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Investigations teams throughout the globe. Our team is composed of a diverse and passionate group of people who have come together to achieve our shared mission. To give a glimpse into our culture and highlight the diversity of our team, we’ve asked Client Success Manager Nichole Anderson to share more about her experience working at Rampiva. 

Rampiva: What drew you to working in Client Success? 

Employee Spotlight Nichole Anderson

Nichole: With a degree in secondary education, I have always had a heart for helping others reach their full potential. While I always thought my teaching skills were better suited for classroom time and younger minds, I quickly found that my talents could also be used when interacting with our customers to drive a cohesive and rewarding customer experience.  

Rampiva: What do you do at Rampiva? What does a typical day look like for you? 

Nichole: There is never a ‘typical’ day at Rampiva. It is ever changing and ever evolving, which is very exciting and a bonus to being a part of a ‘startup’ business.  

As a Client Success Manager, my job is to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. This includes on-boarding new customers, soliciting feedback, and answering questions about the job templates and workflows that are integrated with the Rampiva platform. It also requires explaining how our platform works and ensuring end-users know how to efficiently navigate through the solution. I also connect customers to our proof-of-concept (PoC) process. I am responsible for managing the Proof-of-Concept cadence and scheduling, along with documenting our client’s environment and experience. 

My role doesn’t end there: Internally, I support and assist the Rampiva stakeholders and employees, providing them with the same service that I would our external clients.  

At Rampiva, our customers are our number one priority so it’s exciting to be in a role where I am able to interact directly with our customers in order to ensure their experience with all aspects of Rampiva are successful.  I am also able to provide feedback internally that has an impact on our products, and direction of the Client Success department. 

Rampiva: What made you decide to join the Rampiva team? 

Nichole: After my departure from my previous employer, I wanted to get more into customer service but within a similar type of company and still have a work-from-home situation. The Vice President of Sales for Rampiva, Bill Potter, reached out to me after my former boss recommended me for the role. The rest is history! Once Bill shared the company’s mission, I immediately was excited about Rampiva and what the future held.  

Rampiva: Tell us a time you saw your work making an impact.  

Nichole: Since my goal in this company is to give the best support to our clients and to Rampiva employees, I am always fulfilled when I can make any of their work-lives a little bit simpler. Assisting to develop the Rampiva Knowledge Base for our customers has been wonderful, as is the continuous feedback we receive. Any time I can help take anything off of the plates of our leadership team so they can focus on moving our company forward in their respective specialties is also a win for me. 

Rampiva: What’s your favorite part of working at Rampiva? 

Nichole: Besides the obvious answer of working for a company that is one of a kind in what they achieve in automation, I appreciate that Rampiva supports and understands that I am a wife and a mother and those things come before my career. They know I’ll give 100% when I am working and they know my heart for Rampiva and our customers, but they still respect my time with my family. While it has been less than a year since I started with Rampiva, I have always been made to feel a part of the team by leadership. Working for a company that respects and cares for its employees is rare these days, and I am blessed to be a part of it. 

Rampiva: Thank you for sharing more about your role here at Rampiva, Nichole.

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