Employee Spotlight: Ryan Best,

Head of Client Success

One of our favorite tasks at Rampiva is to chat with our team members and learn about their skills, their backgrounds, and their hobbies. We have such an incredibly talented and diverse group here, and we want to spotlight that expertise.

Rampiva: What is your role at Rampiva?

Ryan: Head of Client Success. I work with all of our clients to deliver a software and services experience that drives real value in their organizations. I oversee all aspects of client engagement from pre-sales to post, and ongoing support and maturity.

Rampiva: How does your work impact Rampiva customers?

Ryan: In Client Success, our role is to help our customers purchase, implement, adopt and mature the Rampiva Automate product that they will use every day. Our development team delivers top-tier software loaded with so many great features, it’s hard to pick the best one. But the place I’d like to think the way we impact our customers most isn’t a feature; it is with piece of mind. Our customers know that they can walk out the door at 5pm and their jobs will keep running without them. Predictability is a powerful asset to have on your side and I think that predictability helps our customers achieve their goals at work, while also maintaining a meaningful work-life-balance.

Ryan Best

Rampiva: What do you believe sets Rampiva apart in its ability to automate processing of data and provide data insights and business intelligence?

Ryan: I think the biggest driver for Rampiva Automate is functionality, followed closely by flexibility. The list of features tied to both functionality and flexibility are too numerous to list here. But one close look at Rampiva Automate and the decision is clear – Rampiva Automate is the most robust, enterprise level automation tool for Nuix on the market.

Rampiva: What did you do before Rampiva that has helped you most in your current role? How is your work at Rampiva different from your previous jobs?

Ryan: My entire career has been in the Litigation Support industry. I’ve held so many roles, from Customer Service to President. That experience has been critical to my success at Rampiva. And, I think that experience has found its way into our product design, by how we deliver information, and most importantly, how we treat our customers.

Rampiva: What do you most enjoy about your work at Rampiva?

Ryan: The People, the Product, and the Results. Each person that works at Rampiva sees how special the product is and how much potential the company has. We’re all what my mom likes to call ‘growth-brains’. We want to build on something great and make it the very best. Continually improving, we pursue excellence daily and we value a job well done. Taking what we have built and delivering that to customers is my next great joy. Our customers are also ‘growth-brain’ people and I can always hear their genuine excitement when we help them update or mature their Rampiva Automate installation.

Rampiva: What are your hobbies outside of Rampiva?

Ryan: I am an avid gardener, landscaper, and armature botanist. Disclaimer: I live in Arizona where pretty much anything grows, given it’s in the right place in the yard, and with the right amount of water. I also enjoy golfing the many Arizona courses and I always spend a few too many hours a week playing video games.

Rampiva: What’s one thing people may not know about you?

Ryan: I have an extensive orange coffee cup collection. I add to it every time I travel or find a unique cup. People sometimes send me orange cups and my wife Sunni is a master at hunting down orange cups to add to the collection.

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