Employee Spotlight: Troy Adkins, Technical Support Specialist

Our employee spotlight aims to shed light on the wonderful people who work at Rampiva. Rampiva would not be where it is today without its employees’ hard work, dedication, and innovation.

This September, we’re spotlighting our Technical Support Specialist, Troy Adkins. Troy focuses on solving technical issues for our customers to ensure smooth sailing when using the platform.

Q&A with Troy 

Rampiva: What is your role at Rampiva? What does it entail?

Troy: I am a Technical Support Specialist, which entails addressing customer concerns or technical roadblocks that arise through routine operation and deployment of the software.

Rampiva: How does your work impact Rampiva customers?

Troy: Because a wide variety of customers with varying systems use Rampiva, a technical support team allows Rampiva to fix issues with each installation. It opens Rampiva to a wider variety of clients and not only a very specific or limited number of already tested systems. 

Rampiva: What did you do before Rampiva that has helped you most in your current role? 

Troy: Being well-versed and skilled in the technical field has been my greatest strength at Rampiva. Knowing the different ways to interact with a system or how systems interact with each other is incredibly useful for mapping out new software that integrates with Rampiva. 

Rampiva: What do you enjoy most about your work at Rampiva?

Troy: I enjoy mapping and designing ways for Rampiva to connect with and automate other systems. 

Rampiva: What advice do you have for prospective Rampiva clients?

Troy: Rampiva is a potent tool that should be and will soon be an industry-wide staple. 

Rampiva: What’s a fact about you that your colleagues would find interesting?

Troy: I was a certified K9 officer and trainer before moving into technology. 

Rampiva: What do you do when you’re not at the office?

Troy: A majority is parenting! I wish it were something more exciting, but I have a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old that take up most of my outside of work time. When they are asleep, though, by 1930 hours, I usually work on animating or coding for a video game I’m self-publishing as a hobby.

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