Legal Project Management in the Age of Automation 

We hosted our first industry webinar on August 16th. Thank you to our great panelists for helping us explore “Legal Project Management in the Age of Automation.” 

Christian Knox from HaystackID brought us a view from the day-to-day of modern project management. He’s seeing more data, more project and the need for more specialized knowledge to work a project through to completion. In particular, Christian highlighted the importance of building relationships within the client and his own organization, so he knows who to go to for which questions. 

This theme carried through to Matthew Pegley, an industry consultant focused on implementing automation projects. In Matthew’s perspective, that kind of “organizational map” is really important to understanding the 2nd and 3rd order effects of process automation. He encourages teams to expect investments in architecture and administration to help manage the surge in productivity and activity that follows successful automation. 

Michael Quartararo, President of ACEDS and author of “Project Management in eDiscovery” stressed the importance of understanding what “done” looks like. Pointing to project management lessons from other service industries that work closely with data (particularly finance and insurance), Mike stressed the importance of evaluating the viability of the project at every stage—including at the end of the project.   

Finally, our own Head of Client Success, Ryan Best, emphasized the importance of project managers advocating for a more mature deployment. A lot of organizations will unconsciously steer away from activity that creates delays or takes a lot of staff time – when designing an automation project, it’s important to challenge those assumptions to implement the best possible solution.  

If you’re interested in listening to the discussion, it’s available on-demand.  

We also invite you to check out the free Rampiva Knowledge Base.

And, Mike’s excellent book, “Project Management in eDiscovery” is available here; use COUPON20 for 20% off.

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