Operational Challenges in Microsoft Purview for eDiscovery

Transferring data between platforms can significantly delay how quickly data requests are satisfied, introduce opportunities for mistakes, and force teams to build expertise in multiple software programs.

Orchestrating these handoffs is one of the main advantages of adopting Rampiva Automate. By automating operations, we standardize output, allow real-time access management, and the optimal assignment of licensing and compute resources. It also helps to aggregate performance data into a single database for easy tracking, system analytics, A/B testing, and all the benefits that business intelligence can bring to a department. Finally, it frees up team members to focus on activities that are either technically complex or highly customized. 

Microsoft’s introduction of Purview for eDiscovery is an excellent opportunity for this kind of orchestration for several reasons:

  1. Purview allows teams to do more work “in place” before exporting material for processing and review. Think mailbox selection, search, and item review – plus all of the security and governance projects that Purview enables. This work will help reduce the total cost and risks of discovery, but it also puts more pressure on teams to execute that activity.
  2. Most Purview functionality is focused on individual users and individual matters. Some gaps limit how efficiently Purview can be used by an entire department, such as a lack of administrative insight into collection activity across all users. The variable time required to create review and export sets forces team members to check back to the system to monitor progress continually. Manually executing these activities as a user or team creates real bottlenecks that will prevent teams from getting the most out of Purview.
  3. Purview is only one source of many in the enterprise, and there are known challenges for collecting modern attachments through Purview. So, while many projects may be able to go directly to review, many others will still require processing before review. The Purview export might have zip files or non-Office attachments that need to be processed, and might need to be deduplicated alongside other data sources. This creates its own challenges since Purview’s output must be configured before many leading processing tools can process the data. It also establishes another transfer point, introducing new delays and risks.
  4. Moving some of the filter and review activity into Purview introduces significant variation in departmental performance metrics. In most environments, there’s a clearer start point that can be used to track important performance, utilization, and productivity metrics.

To help address these challenges, Rampiva is integrating with Microsoft Purview. The goal of this integration is to allow Rampiva Automate users to build unified workflows that will:

  • Drive Purview collection activity from custodian & data source lists
  • Export the data once the review set and the export set operations in Purview complete
  • Promote items directly to review environments when appropriate
  • Configure data for processing into a Nuix Case
  • Track activity in a central database that renders PowerBI dashboards

The Purview integration complements Rampiva Automate’s existing capability, which includes in-platform Legal Hold Notification, just-in-time deployment of forensic collection agents, the in-platform transfer of remote data to the processing lab, deployment of Azure compute resources, processing with the Nuix Engine, creation and running of Brainspace Databases, and promoting data for review in Relativity or Nuix Discover.

Our goal is to present the market with a standard point for connecting to Microsoft Purview, allow users to easily adapt workflows to account for variations in the data request, and get data into reports and review faster.

This approach allows for more efficient eDiscovery, accelerates project timelines, and frees up technical, management and expert resources to focus on other activities (like planning and running Purview tasks!).

By the way, there’s a great resource from Microsoft on becoming a Microsoft Purview eDiscovery Ninja, which you can check out here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/security-compliance-and-identity/become-a-microsoft-purview-ediscovery-ninja/ba-p/2793108

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