The RYABI Group

New York – Los Angeles – Sydney
+1 602 888 4368

The RYABI Group

The RYABI Group is the premier Rampiva resale and implementation partner, and the only team with active clients in all major regions around the globe. Founded by Nuix alumni, RYABI blends experience in the field of eDiscovery, expertise in all areas of Nuix, and the most Rampiva deployments.


Working with The RYABI Group ensures that Rampiva clients have access to:

  • Training on all aspects of Rampiva
  • Support for Workflow Design
  • Pre-built Libraries of Workflows for different Use Cases
  • Custom Dashboards for tracking Nuix Operations, Case Reporting, and Litigation Readiness


RYABI clients have increased daily processing by 21X, improved speed to review by 53%, processed over 50TB through Rampiva – all while taking advantage of advanced Nuix features and spending less time per Case.


Learn more about The RYABI Group’s vision for Rampiva+Nuix here.