Rampiva 101: Using Workflow Templates to Gain Control 

Rampiva Automate provides users with ready-made Workflow templates that are easy to customize. These templates provide teams with granular control over each Nuix processing steps. From settings and filters to naming conventions and activity outside of Nuix—Rampiva puts your best experts behind every single project.

Rampiva gives you control of more features than Nuix Director or Nuix Processing Profiles, including defining Naming Conventions, the ability to switch license types between Tasks, enhanced Reporting, and advanced scripting.  

By saving customized templates to a Library, Rampiva clients can design workflows to fit unique Use Cases, client requirements, search strategy, and resource constraints.  Different projects require different workflows – Libraries allow SMEs to build around that complexity while keeping the product easy to use for Case Teams.  

As clients become more comfortable with Rampiva Automate and the power of automation, expect to see the number of steps in a Workflow to grow. A general “Load to Review” Workflow will typically have 20 or so steps – but advanced clients will often push this to 30, 50, or more.  

Making Nuix easier to use frees up technical experts to solve new problems, reduces processing errors and makes quality control easier.   

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