Rampiva 102: 

Building a Job Queue

In our Rampiva 101 blog post, we shared how you can use workflow templates to gain control. Rampiva also delivers the ability to build and manage a Job Queue providing you more control.

This web-based platform allows clients to streamline their processing pipeline—without sacrificing control. Users can select the Workflow Template, set Job Priority, assign Nuix workers and resources, and the job will run as soon as those resources become available.  With highly configurable Job Cards, teams can monitor the Queue and—when appropriate—stop, pause, cancel, or restart jobs.   

No more setting 2:00 am alarms to kick off the next task, trading user credentials so another team can run search and tag activity or wondering when the next job will finish.  

The Job Queue makes it easy to update clients on when they can expect to receive a production. It also maximizes a team’s capacity to handle large projects or multiple cases in a single day—without adding more staff.   

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