Rampiva 105: Enhancing User Security in Nuix

Nuix allows teams to create individual user accounts but, only one user can sign into a case at a time using Nuix Workstation. This makes it difficult for a second user to check on the status of a processing job, close an idle case, or kick off the next step in a job. As a result, teams find it difficult to maintain the integrity of individual user accounts.   

Nuix Workstation also does not provide access controls. A team can limit a specific user’s access to a subset of cases but cannot restrict what actions that user can take inside of the cases they can access.  

Rampiva addresses both issues by tying user credentials to granular Security Policies, similar to Active Directory ACLs. This provides users with the ability to monitor job status through the job queue, while also limiting access to some workflows templates. Clients can use this to hide activity on confidential cases, prevent workflow templates and/or search lists designed for one client from being accessed by teams supporting other clients, and even limiting the ability of some users to execute some jobs in Nuix—or, consuming more than a standard share of Nuix Workers. 

Rampiva Automate Security Policies

This enhancement on Nuix’s access and identity management protocols eliminates “session juggling”, limits the risk of advanced workflows being used by unqualified teams, and protects client IP.  

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