Rampiva 107: Direct-to-Review Exports

An immediate priority for most eDiscovery teams is to get data into review platforms as quickly as possible.

There are three areas where Rampiva Automate helps make that happen:

  1. Proprietary Rampiva Connectors to Relativity On-Premise, Relativity One, Nuix Discover On-Premise, and Nuix Discover SaaS that allows the automatic uploading of data from Nuix Cases to these review platforms;
  2. Automatic Load Balancing that splits Nuix Production Sets into smaller sets and parallelizes the uploads, which in turn smooths the export from Nuix and the ingestion into the review platform. This helps to ensure that the first set of items is in the review platform more quickly and that the total time between the start of the export and the end of the ingestion is shorter as well.
  3. Quality Assurance Intelligence to automatically checks for common upload errors, like file-path names that are too long, or items with invalid dates or no content and then, retry the item with adjustments that address the original error, all while logging the patches applied.

Enabling Direct-to-Review Exports, Rampiva Automate accelerates speed to results, reduces the time spent fixing errors, and allows end-to-end automation.

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