Rampiva 108: Accelerating Nuix DeDuplication

The Nuix engine is the industry-leading tool for processing data—particularly for very large projects.  

Their approach allows teams to create—and add data to—databases with tens of millions of items. Or, teams can maintain many smaller databases and then compound them together to create a unified environment.

In both scenarios, there is one bottleneck that can be challenging: identifying items that are duplicates across all of the custodians and all of the cases.  

Using the traditional Nuix Workstation, this process can be time consuming and resource intensive. 

However, Rampiva Automate users can take a different approach—one that saves times and ensures repeatability.  One client said “this is the difference between 2 weeks and 2 seconds” for accelerating Nuix deduplication.

Watch our short video to see the difference.

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