Rampiva 110: Workflow Wizard

Data processing should be more accessible. 

There just aren’t enough experts for all the work that needs to be done. 

And, it’s important—data quality matters. 

Much of our product focuses on the backend administration of licensing and compute resources to help keep the process running—this helps control total cost and makes the data processing resources more accessible. 

But, there’s still a roadblock… actually telling the system what to process and how. Most of our clients have experts who design those Workflows in advance, but what if you need a different approach? 

The Rampiva Workflow Wizard is designed to help people put together custom Workflows themselves. 

For example you might have a matter where the data is being delivered to you in fits and starts—maybe it’s a rolling collection—rather than one big set. This can pose challenges when staging the data and creates more opportunities for the team processing the data to accidentally process an old submission. The Workflow Wizard makes it easy to set up a conditional Workflow that will automatically look up new evidence added to the Matter Folder 

Rampiva Workflow Wizard Case Structuring

This saves a ton of time – and, dramatically reduces the likelihood that jobs will be run on the wrong evidence container. 

In fact, it’s a great way to manage really small submissions, like DSARs. 

Or, maybe you want to push data directly into a review platform. This takes a lot of discrete steps, instructions and validations – but, it’s also something we’ve seen a hundred times, so we know how to standardize it. 

Workflow Wizard Export to Discover

The Workflow Wizard is a great tool for prompt-driven Workflow design, so that your job is executed your way. 

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