Rampiva 201: Self-Service eDiscovery with Rampiva Automate—Premium Edition

Self-service eDiscovery is an increasingly popular offering—smaller projects become more cost-effective, coordinating schedules and status updates are easier, and the overall partnership between client and provider is tighter. To support this trend, Rampiva is introducing a Premium Edition of its Automate suite, designed to empower pro-active clients with: 

Client-Specific Access Controls

Rampiva Automate – Premium leverages role-based controls that allow for 3rd party access to the Scheduler Job Queue, allowing clients to monitor their job status and timelines. This helps reduce the administrative burden of client communication—which controls costs, increases productivity, and the clients stay in-the-know at every step. 

Resource Pools and Libraries

Building on these advanced user-controls and Rampiva’s strong resource management architecture, Rampiva Automate – Premium presents end-clients with dedicated resources and Workflow Libraries. Client users can then start their own data processing activity. 

Users are also able to customize the branding, color schemes, and stylings of the Premium Edition’s Scheduler Job Queue. This ensures that clients have a consistent experience through their journey with their service provider. 

Direct-to-Rampiva Uploader

The final piece of the puzzle is allowing the client to stage data for processing. Rampiva Automate – Premium comes with a self-contained data-upload capability that supports large datasets (we’ve tested it with files over 1 TB) and which does not require infrastructure or network configuration changes. Uploaded data is made available for processing without complex staging and unpacking activities. 

Rampiva Automate – Premium Edition has a combined feature set that allows clients to upload data, select or design a Workflow, start a job and monitor its progress. 

Self-Service eDiscovery with Rampiva Automate—Premium Edition

Great for urgent jobs. Great for sensitive jobs. Great for small jobs. 

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