Rampiva 301: Legal Hold Notifications

The launch of Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition looks to the left of the EDRM at the Notification, Preservation, Collection and Early Case Analysis stages of eDiscovery. This shift is designed to help teams get data staged and ready for processing, so that they can take full advantage of their newfound productive capacity. Our goal is to further accelerate the speed and reliability of eDiscovery activity, which will help make good data analytics available for more projects and use cases. 

Our approach builds on the success of earlier Editions. Our base product, Rampiva Automate – Business Edition, automates data processing operations, management of Nuix licenses and hardware resources, and connectivity with review platforms like Relativity and Discover. The result is a 24/7 data processing queue with easy-to-use Workflow templates and real-time comprehensive business intelligence dashboards. In 2021, we built on this capability by introducing Direct-to-Rampiva data uploads, recurring job scheduling, and the introduction of Webhooks for advanced connectors into 3rd party platforms 

This foundation enables four of the most exciting aspects of Rampiva’s Legal Hold Notification offering. In addition to strong notification planning, templates, and monitoring capability, Rampiva Legal Hold allows: 

  • Custodians to respond to hold notifications by uploading specific files for automatic processing and review, which will accelerate the legal team’s ability to put eyes on essential facts 
  • Custodians to trigger forensic collections that have been customized based on that custodian’s responses to a hold’s survey 
  • Teams to integrate Rampiva with upstream matter- or event-management systems to trigger Notification, Collection and/or Processing jobs 
  • Dashboards and reports that can track activity and performance on a specific matter from the first Legal Hold Notification to material being sent for review

Rounding out the offering is Rampiva Chat, which allows custodians to message the Legal Hold Administrator to ask questions and get clarity on their instructions in real-time. 

These combined features provide corporate eDiscovery teams with a fully integrated and auditable workstream. One that leverages upstream custodian insights to get the most from processing and review, and which eliminates opportunities for use errors or oversight. 

To learn more about our Legal Hold Notifications and other new features, download our Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition Fact Sheet or schedule a demo with a member of our team.

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