Rampiva Becomes

Certified Nuix Integration Partner

In April of 2020, Nuix announced that Rampiva became a Certified Nuix System Integration Partner.

Nuix Certified Technology Partner

“I’m excited that Rampiva has become a Certified Nuix Integration Partner. I’ve been working with Nuix for over 6 years, first as a forensic investigator, and more recently while developing Rampiva Automate,” shared Rampiva Director, Daniel Boteanu. “As a user, I’ve always been fascinated with the Nuix Engine — the combination of performance and depth of information captured make it an essential tool for digital forensics and eDiscovery.”

Rampiva is seeing clients push into advanced use cases — managing very large cases, automatically preparing cases for investigator, and notifying business stakeholders of items that have exceeded the retention.

We chose to partner with Nuix and build our solution on top of the Nuix Engine because this is the only solution that supports processing data at scale for a variety of use cases. By building our connection directly to the Nuix Engine, rather than the REST API, we are able to support advanced workflows where clients have complete control over how the hardware and software stack is used. That means that our team needs to have a profound understanding of the Nuix API to ensure we are developing a tool that only increases the efficiency of the Nuix processing engine. 

Nuix is making a real investment in their partner ecosystem as shown by the new Nuix Certified Developer Master learning path they have created. Rampiva is one of the first two Nuix partners to have completed the certification courses and demonstrated their ability at building solutions using the Nuix API.

Becoming certified partner reinforces our relationship within the Nuix ecosystem to help clients do even bigger things!

Read the original announcement to learn more. 

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