Rampiva Launches Knowledge Base

One of Rampiva’s driving goals is to make forensically-sound data processing easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. We think this is critical to making justice functionally efficient (eDiscovery), protecting ourselves from bad actors (incidence response), and enabling organizations to continue doing business while maintaining the privacy and security of employees and clients (privacy).

With this in mind, we’re committed to providing a detailed product guide to anyone in the market who is looking to build a working or expert knowledge of Rampiva’s product suite. In addition to the various User Guides and Product Architecture diagrams that are available on our website, we’re excited to announce the launch of the official Rampiva Knowledge Base.

This material is designed to take general users through a journey that helps them learn how to work with Rampiva products. It’s detailed and it’s technical, but it’s all there. We are starting with 12 articles, focused on three primary categories:

  • Getting Started with Rampiva
  • Tactical Tricks for Building Workflow Libraries
  • Capturing performance and utilization metrics

Over time, we’ll continue to build this content. In particular, we hope to share example and training workflow libraries that explore different data processing workflows—eDiscovery, Investigations, Information Governance, and more! Of course, questions from the community help drive our content, so please let us know what you’re interested in learning more about!

If you’re interested in viewing the Rampiva Knowledge base, you can access for free or contact our Client Success Manager, Nichole Anderson, for more information.  

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