Scheduler for Nuix

Rampiva Scheduler for Nuix seamlessly distributes processing workflows across the Nuix infrastructure, optimizing server resource utilization and providing full visibility into past and future processing jobs in your environment.

With Rampiva Scheduler, you can run workflows that perform all required processing activities, including loading data, performing culling such as filtering by keywords and deduplication, and exporting to Relativity for review. Workflows are built using Rampiva Workflow and can be designed to capture all aspects of your processing methodology, including working with compound cases and running custom scripts.




  • Distribution of jobs on all available Nuix Servers
  • Support for all Rampiva Workflow non-interactive operations
  • Support for Simple, Compound and Elastic cases
  • Integration with Nuix UMS for user-management
  • Support for Nuix NMS and physical dongles for Nuix Engines licences
  • Use of Nuix licences only when workflows are running
  • Workflows prioritization (Lowest / Low / Medium / High / Highest)
  • Workflows can be assigned to a specific Nuix Server / Engine
  • Workflows can be made Confidential
  • Role-based access control (View / Execute / Manage)
  • Full on-premise deployment with no access required to external services





  • Nuix Workstation deployment and valid license
  • Rampiva Workflow