The Leading Edge: Rampiva 5.0

I started Rampiva with one goal – make analyzing data accessible. For me, data holds tremendous value and it’s up to us to harness it. In practical terms, that means scale and reliability. 

Put another way, to make data analysis accessible, we need seamless automation. 

Rampiva 5.0 builds on our core automation and administration software to bring three critical new capabilities: 

  • Data Upload: Allows remote users, external clients, and field investigation teams to load files directly to Rampiva Automate for automatic processing; 
  • Workflow Design: Easy-to-understand prompts to guide users through creating custom Workflows in real time; and 
  • Easy Administration: Incremental features, such as log centralization and the introduction of Rampiva Licensing Service, that simplify the administration and support of Rampiva Automate. 

By eliminating the (costly and frustrating) bottleneck between data collection and data processing, we make quality data processing available for more projects. Where someone may not have had the skillset, the budget, or the time to send data for processing – now, that person can take advantage of expert service and world-class tech to get needed insights. 

With that in mind, I encourage everyone to check out our Premium Edition of Rampiva 5.0, available now.

Read the press release announcing the major software update.

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