Editions – Business

Rampiva Business Edition

Who is “Business Edition” right for?

Anyone looking to do more with Nuix or do more in Nuix. Rampiva Automate – Business Edition is a great product for new clients, teams struggling to get started, or departments looking to get more from their environment. Our users see accelerated response times, increased productivity from their team, and improved reliability and consistency in their output.

Empower your team and transform your Nuix data processing environment with awesome automation. Stop worrying about remembering processing steps, coordinating resources or triple checking data processing settings. Let your team do what they do best – work with clients to understand facts and patterns that help inform case strategy.

Workflow Designer

Capture every detail of the tasks performed by your experts with more than 70 operation types, and reproduce them with accuracy and in the right order for every job.

Authentication and Access Controls

Log in using a local directory or modern cloud authentication sources and restrict resource access with granular security policies – ensuring control and privacy.

Workflow Wizard

Give your team the cheat code to building Nuix processing workflows.

Resource Pools

Define the computing power and geographic location for each Case

24-Hour Job Queue

Power a 24-hour processing “assembly line” without requiring a second shift.

Load to Review

Build end-to-end workflows loading data for review in Relativity, Discover or Nuix Investigate as soon as processing is complete.

Conditional Parameters

Fit your Workflows to each Case with Conditional Parameters that put you in control of final outputs.

Cross-Case Analytics

Track item-level details across Cases for new insights.

Job Library

Build a library of custom Workflows for clients and
uses so each job is done right.

Executive Dashboards

Understand activity, performance, and productivity across all clients, matters and Cases.


Integrate your current Nuix scripts and run external applications in workflows with minimal effort.


All Rampiva Automate Editions are designed to be lightweight and easy to install. They do not require new hardware beyond the environment that supports your Nuix Environment.

About Rampiva

Rampiva is a global software provider focused on data automation, system administration and analytics. Established in 2016, Rampiva clients run over 1,100 Nuix Workers in 8 different countries, processing more than 1 PB of data for eDiscovery, digital investigations, and other projects each year.