Nuix Quickstart with George Jon

“Nuix Quickstart leverages the Nuix Engine […] to help run this powerful Engine, George Jon will set up Rampiva Automate to standardize architecture, workflows, and dashboards.” 

We’re excited about our new ecosystem partnership – eDiscovery experts George Jon have set up a dedicated service offering to help clients adopt Nuix processing and Rampiva Automate. This program is a great option for departments buying Nuix for the first time, because it controls total cost, lets teams start small and grow with increased demand, and makes sure the infrastructure and software tools are ready to go Day 1.  

It also provides a compelling alternative for existing clients who need to access to outside experts, but who want to keep that direct relationship with the Rampiva and Nuix teams. 

At Rampiva, we’re all about making data processing and analytics more accessible, and this new partnership with George Jon creates a unique on-ramp for organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

Learn more about Nuix Quickstart in the Nuix Partner Connect Q3 2021 Newsletter

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