Old Jokes and New Ideas 

No one will every accuse Chris Pogue and John Bargiel of not having enough Nuix flare but, I also would NOT trust JB around office supplies.  

In January, Rampiva joined the Nuix Partner Podcast. Let me tell you, after 12 months of global lockdown, it was a lot of fun to catch up with friends. If you have 45 minutes, I encourage you to listen to their discussion with Daniel Boteanu and myself. 

Elton John makes an appearance, but most of the discuss focuses on: 

  • Merger. Rampiva bringing The RYABI Group on to lead Sales and Client Success. Our goal here is to translate the lessons we’ve learned over the past 18 months into a playbook for other resellers and consultants who work with Nuix. There’s a lot of noise in the business process automation space, particularly around legal and eDiscovery. Having driven productivity, efficiency, and growth at 30 eDiscovery teams in 7 countries, we’re looking to scale through other channels. 
  • Rampiva 5. This is a major release for advanced eDiscovery departments, particularly anyone looking to facilitate “self-service” eDiscovery, DSARs, or remote field forensics. Daniel’s vision for leveraging Rampiva Automate to make data processing accessible for everyone really comes through during this discussion. You can learn more about Rampiva 5 here.
  • Nuix Advisory Board. When we recorded this podcast, the first Board meeting was still in the future. Now that the program has kicked off, we’re asking “when’s the next one.” It’s been a great opportunity to hear other perspectives on the marketplace, meet passionate advocates for Nuix, and learn more about where Nuix itself is going. If and when you have the chance to join, I encourage you to do so. It’s Chatham House Rules, but all the participants were brilliant, erudite, and witty. 

Nuix is challenging the market to deliver more value to clients through partnerships. Budget pressures, volume, and new use cases are forcing us all to innovate an adapt. Being part of the Nuix ecosystem allows us to focus on what we do best—automating and reporting on data processing.

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