5 Reactions to Four Great Events

“People were talking about new partnerships, new approaches, new projects.” I wrote this just 8 week ago in my “Springtime in eDiscovery: Legalweek 2022” post, which highlighted the ideas, lessons, and (most importantly) energy that came out of my first … Read More

Springtime in eDiscovery: Legalweek 2022

It is appropriate that Legalweek 2022 was held in March – our team left feeling invigorated, enthusiastic, and joyful.  Part of it was seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Attendees were all coming out of hibernation and there was … Read More

Trends in Automating Data Processing

September is always a fun time at Rampiva, because many of our best and major product releases happen at this time. We got our first client in September 2018—our full Automate product launched in 2019—and, believe me, we’ve got some fun stuff … Read More

Old Jokes and New Ideas

No one will every accuse Chris Pogue and John Bargiel of not having enough Nuix flare but, I also would NOT trust JB around office supplies.   In January, Rampiva joined the Nuix Partner Podcast. Let me tell you, after 12 months of … Read More